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The Geier family entered the electrical business in the 1940s after Florian Geier returned home from serving in World War II. Florian and his brothers owned and operated Geier Electric together until their growing families made it possible for some brothers to form new companies to serve the area. Florian founded and ran G-L Electric for a time before his sons, Don and Steve, partnered with him to form 3 G Electric Inc in 1979. In 1981, Don became President of 3G Electric Inc and ran the company successfully for 38 years. In 2018, Don’s role shifted to Chairman of the Board, and his son, Scott, assumed the role of President. At 3G Electric we look toward the future with the same passion for excellence and commitment to quality as we have for three generations.

Tradition of Quality
Electric services in Garden City, KS

Don Geier

Don Geier is the Chairman of the Board of 3G Electric Inc in Garden City, Kansas. In 2018, Don transitioned to Chairman of the Board when his son, Scott, stepped into the role of President. Handing over the reigns to the family-owned electrical business has been the family tradition in the Geier family for three generations.

After graduating from Garden City Senior High School in 1967, Don attended Garden City Community College and eventually went to Oklahoma State University, where he was able to play football at the Division 1 level. During college, Don was drafted into the United States Army and spent three months in Basic Training. Mr. Geier returned to the Garden City community and started a family in 1975.

Don’s father, Florian, and Don’s uncles had been providing electrical services in the Garden City community since the 1940s and had established themselves as one of the leading electrical contractors in the area. Having witnessed and participated in the growth of their community, the Geier family saw an expanding need for quality electrical technicians and solutions. When he established 3G Electric, Inc with Don and another son, Steve, in 1979, Florian Geier was successful in ensuring the Geier family maintained a presence in Southwest Kansas as dependable and qualified electricians. Don Geier was elected as President of 3G Electric in 1981.

Don operated 3G Electric Inc for 38 years with a valued team of qualified personnel. Don and his team at 3G Electric Inc have been involved in much of the new construction in Garden City and the surrounding area. As technology has advanced, 3G Electric Inc has also updated many of the electrical systems that were originally installed by the Geier family of electricians.

Mr. Geier is respected in the Garden City community because he has a passion for the safe and proper growth of his hometown and the surrounding communities. Don has been active in many community organizations over the years, including the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce and the Knights of Columbus.

As he prepares for retirement, Don is excited to see the Geier family legacy continue. Mr. Geier is confident the values, dedication, and quality of service the Geier family has provided to their customers will always be the foundation of the business.

Scott Geier is the President of 3G Electric Inc, in Garden City, KS. 3G Electric is a family-owned and operated electrical business that has been part of the Garden City community in some form since the 1940s. Starting with Scott’s grandfather and his great uncles, the Geier family has been able to provide quality electrical solutions to the diverse industries and growing community for three generations.

Scott grew up watching, learning from, and working alongside his father, Don, which obviously fueled a passion for the electrical trade. Scott graduated from Garden City High School in 1997. After graduating, Scott worked for 3G Electric until he decided to further his electrical education. Scott moved to Manhattan, Kansas, in 2008 and attended the Kansas State University Electrical Engineering program. In 2009, Scott received his Master Electrician Certification. Mr. Geier graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 2012.

After graduating from KSU, Scott was employed in Manhattan, Kansas, as an Electronics Engineer, responsible for designing and manufacturing a multitude of electronic products for federal and private organizations all over the world. Spending most of his time designing aviation electronics, Scott also worked on projects that allowed him to gain knowledge and experience in a multitude of other industries.

As his father prepared for retirement in 2018, Scott was presented with the opportunity to carry on the family tradition and come back to the Garden City community to operate the family business. Scott accepted the position as President of 3G Electric and moved home in 2018.

Scott is excited to be back in Garden City in a position to contribute his knowledge and experience to the ever-growing and changing area. While being committed to the family tradition of quality and guaranteed service, Scott is also looking forwarding to growing 3G Electric into an advanced and diverse electrical business. Looking toward the future, Scott is excited to continue the family-minded, educationally focused, engaging work environment. Scott is proud to lead an experienced team of electricians to meet the challenges of our modern world for the advancement of the community.

Electric services in Garden City, KS

Scott Geier

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